Teeth Whitening Solutions
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V-5 Cold Laser Tooth Whitening System is a revolutionary whitening system that uses a combination of patented light technology in conjunction with a proprietary wavelength- specific Laser Diode Whitening solution for safely and effectively. Years of intrinsic stain and discoloration can be reversed comfortably and quickly in one visit. Independent studies on Cold Laser Tooth Whitening System have proven up to 126% faster whitening and the process is completely safe for teeth and gingiva and will not harm any existing dental work. 


  • 6 ~ 10 Shades of whiter teeth in less than 1 Hour 
  • State-of-the-Art New Laser Diode Technology
  • Highest output increasing the whitening power, six laser diodes for faster and deeper whitening 
  • Pre-programmed sessions for time and output
  • Specially designed for dental clinics, MED spa, retail 
  • Safe, fast and easy to use for everyone
  • Combines Special Diodes for materials and polymerization 
  • Ergonomic stand design & simple controls
  • Work exceptionally well for both gel & powder, and tray based tooth whitening protocols


The patented mouth tray is comfortable, simple to use and in one bite is ready to use, made of a FDA grade vinyl and silicone. This unique tray whitens all teeth surfaces for more complete whitening.

Our gel are also manufactured by Da Vinci Whitening Systems, Inc
. and can be special ordered in any concentration and custom packaging. We supply Kits for distributors, Retail, Dental Offices, Spas and Salons for in office use and take home kits or as a retail opportunity  ( packaged or bulk .)

About our special formula gel

Most all whitening formulas in the market today contain Carbamide and Hydrogen Peroxide in their formulas mixed with Glycerin or Carbopol as a foundation for the gel. Both Glycerin ( a fat ) and Carbopol ( an acrylic ) are very large molecules that suspend the hydrogen peroxide that do not mix together and preventing the oxygen from entering the small tooth tubule where the stains reside in teeth. The oxygen has to enter to whiten the tooth stain inside the tooth tubule. The size of the suspending molecule in those formulas prevents the oxygen from entering teeth resulting only in a partial whitening.

The proprietary gel we produce is made by combining the hydrogen peroxide with a Nano-particle gel where the particle is 1/10th the size of a tooth tubule. This actively carries the oxygen to whiten in the tubule instead of whitening only the surface of a tooth for faster and deeper whitening.

The Nano-gel is also a neutral pH for health and safety reasons where the other suspending agents and other whitening formulas are acidic. Acid can cause rough spots and grooves in enamel that enable teeth to stain faster and leach calcium.
Our formulas are not acidic and safely whiten teeth without leaching vital minerals from teeth.

In Office or Spa KIT
High Density Cold Laser 


The HDC Laser is the most advanced whitening light in the market today because it is a focused light that has 15 times the output of any other light
for faster whitening.

No license is required to use the HDC Laser, it is safe for anyone to use.

The smaller profile 'collimated' light source emits less heat and has the highest output without causing sensitivity to the teeth.
Designed with the ease of use in mind for the Dental Office, Spa and salon, there are 
no plastic parts or painted stand poles to scratch, the HDC Laser is made of anodized aluminum. 

We offer modular replacements of parts and full two- year warranty.
The HDC Laser is made in the United States of America.

There are options for different Diodes that screw into the head for acne, healing and skin rejuvenating ( more information upon request .)